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From Germany to America

Welcome to the Kisabeth Historical Review. This web page is a spin-off of our Family tree newsletter. This will not take the place of the newsletter but act as a supplement. The web is a faster way to update happenings of the Kisabeth - Kissenberth - Kisseberth - Kisaberth - Kispert - D'haene - Birchall and Kuschwert families. Yes that's some of the spellings that came down through the ages (and census takers). In these pages we will try to update you on happenings in the clan and the status and location of our Family Reunion and some excerpts from our newsletter.

Kisabeth Historical Review
Gordon and Gerald Kisabeth

 Each year we have a reunion of  all families with the Kisabeth spelling and all variations of our name. This includes descendants of the spelling. All that belong to the large group of descendants of Has Küeschwert are invited. You are only a stranger but once. We have a lot of history and data to share. If you have ancestors with the variations of the Kisseberth name, please come and share you stories and we will share ours.
   We have the reunion on the last Saturday of July each year. It is held in Bascom, Ohio at Meadowbrook park. This site was chosen because in the early 1900’s the Kisseberth families had their reunions at this park. More information can be found on the reunion page on this website.

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